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HD500x automatic patch change via midi with Cubase

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Hi guys,


yesterday I spent two hours with my drummer, trying to understand how to get this aim. Nothing to do.

We saw some online videos on youtube on how to do, but on the video seems easier than the reality.

We linked the pod midi input to the midi output of the sound device, Cubase see the audio device, we created a new midi track and followed the instructions.


On the left, we selected Bank 0, then we added some program change with some values, the values was the "velocity" parameter.
The pod started changing patches but randomly, if we put velocity to 0, I got patch 1A, if we raise the velocity number by number, the POD starts changing randomly the patches like this:

1A, 1C, 2A, 2C, etc. randomly it returns on 1A. Can't understand witch value link to a specific patch, do you guys know how do handle this?


thank you.

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Ok guys, last time we tried with Cubase, but now we used Ableton, the behavior of the pod is the same: random behavior 


So this is a video of what is happening, devices and software are:

PC with Windows 10
Ableton live 9.6
Audio device: Tascam US 16x08
Midi cable: brand new 15 meters (49 feet)
Pod HD 500x

We are NOT sending a Bank change to choose the setlist, we want to program change inside the current setlist, this is what happened:

Video audio is Italian but I added subtitles


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