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Helix 2.82 firmware good--but can't find the "edit" software....


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Hi all,


I just got a Helix, paid by my band...(yes, I seriously don't deserve it!)


I have used it for an hour and it is such a sound upgrade from the POD 500x.


a) However, I can't find anywhere the software to put in my computer so I can edit and add and all that stuff.

b) The person who bought it for me "registered it" and all (and loaded the 2.82 firmware etc)--do I need his account and password to set it up via computer??


Yes, I spent about an hour going all over Line 6, youtube and the net trying to locate the software (POD has the "edit" sofware).

Any tips you have would be much appreciated.

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Select Helix as the product(?) in the firat column and you'll be looking for HX Edit in the next drop dowm menu. HX Edit I'm pretty sure you don't need his login but eventually he needs to swap the registration to you. You will need it to upgrade and a new upgrade is coming soon. 

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The editor is called HX Edit. You will find it in the Downloads section of this website (see top of this page). Make sure you use the same version as your device firmware  v2.82. 


You should try to register your Helix when logged in to your account. If you get a message saying th device is already registered contact Line 6 to help get it properly registered to you.

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