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Helix Rack Mic Input Gain and Aux In Question


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When looking at any of the Helix units I can't seem to find the specs on the mic pre amp and the aux in. The manual doesn't give the complete run down like most other manufacturers. I was checking what is the max input gain on the mic pre amp in the Helix Rack. Also is the 1 Aux input balanced or unbalanced?

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On the Helix Floor, the AUX In is unbalanced. I do not know if this differs on the Helix Rack. 


As for the Studio Tube Mic Pre Amp Block's Gain Parameter, I do not recollect how much of a dB increase it provides, other than I do seem to recollect it provides quite a lot. There is also a Global Settings Mic Input Gain adjustment.  


Hope this helps somewhat until someone with the unit at their fingertips can provide more precise info. 

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