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Helix Global EQ question

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I am trying to figure out whether or not I should be using the global eq and high and low pass filters while recording out of my cabinet. Should I turn it off and leave it bright and hissy then add HP LP filters in Cubase? or leave it on and add more HP LP filters? Same goes for Compressors in Helix, that is what I am trying to figure out. Or is it based on taste. I only have the Global on in a Live Jam session setting, recording is a different story even my patches need to be dialed in differently to sound better in the daw. 


Here is my signal path


Guitar>Helix Rack>Mesa 50/50 power amp>Mesa Cabinet>Mics>Yamaha Mixer>Focusrite Interface>Cubase 10 Artist


No I do not use Impulse Responses (haven't learned) or DI Box. I play Metal 


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Well, you can always add EQ after you record the track. You can't remove it. I'd be inclined to leave the Global EQ off. As far as the compression, it kind of depends. If it's something that you're depending on for your performance and has a major impact on what you're hearing from the cab, I'd leave it on.

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Thanks Phil_m! I'll have to try some tracks with it off vs on. I don't want an over compressed sound by adding compressors in the Helix, mixer and then the DAW. That would be 3 compressors for one track. If I am over thinking this let me know please... :)


Thank you

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