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Line 6 stock freeze of the Relay G10 family???


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Can you please explain what this means? Apparently, Line 6 has a "stock freeze of the G10 family" of wireless units. Please clarify as I'm waiting on a replacement unit for my wireless Relay G10. I've been offered a G30 or G50 as a replacement but I've read about issues with those units and their battery compartments and don't want to go that route. I love the simplicity and usability of the "plug and play" Relay G10T and G10S.

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Is there a reason why G10 family is on back order at most stores and listed as "no longer available" in others? I would also not like to go the G30/50/55 way as the functionality on the G10/s is much simpler.


I am debating if I should go for the Boss units instead and cancel my outstanding order for a G10s, which I really don't want to do.


Is this just a Mfg delay? Is there another reason?


I am also intrigued that even on the Line6 site, there is no way to order a G10/s... why would that be?

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I purchased the Line 6 amp in December and thought I would just pick up a G10 transmitter online. Seeing that it is compatible with the V Spider MKII series amps, this item will be easy to get. The items are made in China so my guess is that we are dealing with shipping issues.  Why else would a company allow every distributor to not have product on the shelves?

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I read a post on Reddit(?) where they say that some stores (GC or Sweetwater) were told to pull the items from the shelves, and in another post someone alluded to a problem with units overheating which leads me to believe that the issue is with the Battery in the G10T, as all the Line 6 Wireless Systems that are using non-sealed batteries (G30/50/75/etc.) are still being sold and only these with sealed rechargeable are not... for that matter I also saw that the Boss units WL-XX which are very similar to the G10 family also have a note of having "delays", there is only 1 system like, this that I can see still being sold Sennheiser XSW-D, but none other... except for the cheap systems...


This issue seems to have started in December, so my guess it has nothing to do with the Corona-virus which is affecting many manufacturers (like the company I work for, in electronics and not only in China as they are part of the supply chain of many other countries), but likely the virus effect will just exacerbate the delay in resuming production/shipments even if they have found the issue root cause and have corrected it in the design.


I know I am speculating, but the signs are there...


FWIW, I still want the G10S and likely will wait... don't want to shell out $400 for the Sennheiser... I like the functionality of the G10S and the price tag is easier to digest...

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Here is what I know....

G10S is nowhere to be found, it mysteriously despaired overnight from all of the mayor retail stores in USA, and nobody gives you an explanation.

There is just ONE guy in Amazon selling ONE unit at $350... Nice try dude!


I think this disappearance is not due to any shortage, Line 6 knew this model would be a huge success and you can bet they were prepared for December sales.

An experienced company like this just don't make mistakes in production calculations, so something else is going on.


The fact is, there is a considerable percentage of people reporting issues with the signal when the unit is nearby a wireless router. 

Problems is, you find way too many wireless devices everywhere, even more than 1 in the same location, and the most common wireless frequency is 2.4. GHz. (which seems to be the problem).

Just imagine this unit drooping its signal in the middle of a Gig.


This is just speculation, but I think Line 6 found the problem and recalled all units in a blink of an eye (they probably hired Flash for this operation).

If I'm correct, this was a very asserted business decision, and was execute on time. 


I love this unit and I think Line 6 will sale millions of it, so "IF" there is a problem, I hope they fix it  and release the new unit "pronto".

In the meantime, let's get back to the wires.





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My G10S wireless transmitter just died.  I got it for Christmas.  It was plugged into my Charvel with active pickups. The Charvel battery died so I left the G10S transmitter plugged in while I changed the 9v. I was careful to install the battery correctly. When I did it I noticed that the light in the transmitter was solid red. I figured that the G10 battery was dead. I plugged it into the base to charge. After a few minutes I started to smell a burnt wire smell. I removed the transmitter from the charger and discovered that the unit was very hot to touch. I called Line 6 and I need to send the unit back to them for a replacement. Unfortunately, I am told they have none in stock and it will be weeks. He offered the G50, but having the transmitter attached to a guitar strap then running a short cable to the transmitter won;t work for my recliner style of playing since I don't use a strap.


The next time I will remove the transmitter before changing the battery. I played the Charvel after for a couple of hours. Whatever caused it I think the transmitter battery started to have a thermal runaway when I placed it in the base unit for a charge. It was very hot for a long time. I almost considered leaving it in the yard in case it caused fire!

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