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Is my HD500 dead?


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Hi.  I stepped on the barrel of the power supply for my HD500.  It broke.  I found what I THOUGHT was the right size barrel to replace it, soldered it on to the existing power supply.  It reads 9v and the center pole is negative.  HD500 does not power on.  So...


  Is there a way to user a multi meter to test the HD500 itself without supplying power to it? It's my backup pedal now, I can't imagine playing without my Helix, but I could really use it for teaching and backup.   And I doubt it's worth sending in, I could most likely buy another one cheaper than having it fixed by an authorized service center.  I can solder and have actually replaced the model selection knob on this already.  But it won't fire up.  Any clue?  Thanks in advance for any advice.  

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