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External Amp Switching


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Somebody Sticky This!


According to the manuals, this doesn't work using Instant Commands "At This Time".


I called support to see if that's been fixed, since the manuals are so old, and the tech didn't know.


So I broke out the old Radio Shack Multi-tester. It seems to work on both Presets and Snapshots using Instant Commands.


EDIT: OK, just called support again, and they're (different tech) telling me that it works on Floor and Rack, but not on HXFX.


EDIT REDUX: CONFIRMED - External Amp Switching with Instant Commands on HX FX WORKS! Thank you C4TH!



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Just now, C4TH said:

Just saw your post rd2rk, after seeing your related comment on another users thread. And yes, tested mine with instants, and it works fine.


Just to confirm: External Amp Switching with Instant Commands DOES work with HXFX?

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Thanks!  The real question is - will it work with Snapshots? That's what the manual says it will not do.


Are you guys testing using snapshots? Would love to know! :)


Per the manual I downloaded from L6:

Pg. 27: Want to save your footswitches for other uses? Command Center MIDI type Instant messages are automatically transmitted when a Snapshot is recalled. (Note that, at this time, Amp control messages are not transmitted per snapshot when assigned to an instant command; only when assigned to a footswitch.) 


Says the same thing on page 36. 


Thanks ALL!!! :)


My other thread on this, now moved to here:



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