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Helix - Elegant Power Solution for G30 Wireless


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Hi all,


I was 99% settled on selling off my amp, cab and pedalboard in favour of a Helix, until I realised I would still want to use my G30 wireless system. I'm currently using a TC Electronic G System, which has four super convenient 9v power outputs for powering pedals in it's various loops.


I was frankly amazed at what looks like a huge oversight in the design of the Helix, that while it is designed to be an "all-in-one" solution it does have the option to loop in other pedals yet has no solution to provide power to them. 


I'm really obsessive about cable management and having everything as neat and tidy as possible on my pedalboards, so the absolute last thing I am willing to do is have some ugly power strip on the back of a pedalboard not only wasting space but also cluttering it up just for the sake of 1 9v power adapter for my wireless.


Does anyone know of a reasonably priced product which might offer a tidy and effective power solution to both the 240v Helix requirement, and a single 9v requirement??


Huge thanks in advance!!!



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I solved a similar issue in a very DIY fashion. I want an external expression pedal AND a Line 6 G50 wireless receiver to be permanent parts of my pedal board, along with my Helix Floor. My solution was to build a plywood pedalboard to support the EXP pedal and G50, along with two footswitch buttons, powered by a 1SPOT which is secured under the board. Power comes in to the board via an IEC inlet, and I have cables running from the board to the Helix. Finally, if I ever want 9vDC for other pedals, it's available on the 1SPOT string.


You can see photos of my rig here: 



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