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Powercab 112+ and pod X3 Live - best settings


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I'm a French user (sorry for my English!) and I have just bought a Powercab 112+ which I am very delighted with. Even though I know it works "best" with an Helix, I'm using it with a POD X3 LIVE. I have a few questions concerning the way both should be handled:


1 - My main question. On the Powercab pilot's guide, it is written: "Combo Input Jack: A Helix device should be set to LINE LEVEL, a pod HD device should be set to +4db".


What about my POD X3 LIVE? I know there is a switch on its front panel (LIVE OUT LEVEL: "AMP" or "LINE"). Is it the one to switch, and in this case, which setting is the most suitable? I've tried both, the AMP setting delivers a sound which is largely loud enough, the LINE offers an incredible boost, but I don't want to damage my amp...


2 - Would you rather use the1/4" input or the XLR input? I know that in the output Studio/Direct Mix that are applied to the XLR outputs, there is a setting: (LEVEL: + 6db) which leads me back to question 1. Is it the one to tweak (or not at all)? I have also seen it only affects the digital output (S/PDIF), so... I guess it won't be any use on XLR outputs anyway, will it?


3- Is there a way, on the POD X3 LIVE, to disable the cab as easily as on an Helix (at least this is what I have seen in a video) in order to use the cab simulation of the poweramp?


4- Just two more to go! Sorry I'm eager to learn how to do things the best way. If I use the 1/4" output, I have the choice on the POD X3 LIVE between "studio mode" to send the signal into a mixer, recorder...) and "live modes" to send it to an amp without  speaker/mic/room simulation. Due to the nature of the Powercab, it seems both are relevant... It is also deeply linked to my third question. Would it help to switch to "live mode" to use the cab simulations? In this case, which one to choose? Simulating the input into a combo fronnt input, a combo poweramp input, a stack front input, or a stack front poweramp input?


5- A last one: it may seem a curious approach, but, instead of sending my signal to the flat mode of the powercab, I have sent it to one of the cab simulations. The sound was curiously quite nice to play alone^^. The question is simple: is there a risk to damage the amp?


Here it is! Sorry for the long list of questions, but I'm really looking for the best use, and I prefer asking my questions to people who have answers rather that doing something stupid and dangerous for the amp. Thank you for the time you have granted to this post, I think it may be useful to other people in the same case as me (POD X3 live + powercab 112+)


Thank you so musch for your help!

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