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Programming Mc6/Stomp for impedance switching


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I’m horrible at this midi stuff, but I’d like to have a button on the Mc6 dedicated to scrolling through the input impedances... is this possible? Or can I only toggle from one to another?


Can someone walk me through this?  Thanks!


Sean Meredith-Jones 


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Hey Folks,


I'm revisiting this as I have some time.  I want to setup a switch on the MC6 to toggle between 230k and 1M impedance.  I have a guitar with Humbuckers and coil taps.  The taps are considerably brighter than the Humbuckers.


Here's What I've tried:


1)  Go To The Impedance parameter in The input section on the Stomp

2) In the menu: select Controller Assign

3) Set Parameter to In-Z    Controller: Midi CC     CC# shows up as CC4 on the Stomp

4) Turn The page and Set Min Value to 230k (Single Coil) and Max value to 1M Ohm (Humbucker)


On The Mc6


1) For Button C I set the Toggle Mode to On

2) Msg 1 Action: Press    Type: Control Change

3) Set CC#: 4    Value: 0

4) Msg 2 Action : Press   Type: Control Change

5) CC#: Value: 127

6) press "Learn" on the Stomp


What happens when I try it:


If the In-Z value is on 230k to start, when I try out the action of toggling to 1M.... The stomp's In-Z value goes to Auto.  When I toggle the MC6 button again... it doesn't affect the Stomp and it just stays on Auto.  There's no toggling going on.


Is there something I'm missing?


Sean Meredith-Jones



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Rewatched the Morningstar demo of programming for the Stomp.


In the MC6 Midi Editor.... I forgot to distinguish between position 1 and position 2 for each control change.  I had them set to both. Hence I could get it to change to one setting but not the other.


Rock on.


Sean Meredith-Jones


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