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HX Effects - send midi PC on preset switch?

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I have the Helix set up to send midi program changes to my Bias Amp to switch amps per snapshot. Problem is, when I switch presets on the HX EFX, I still have to go in and hit a snapshot to send the program change. I would like to change the amp when I change presets. Is there any way to send a PC message on preset change? 

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Actually, I have this wrong - the PC is being sent to the Bias head, so the amp model is changing according to whatever Snapshot is loading when the preset changes. However, the CC command is not being sent. So I have on Snapshot 1: 


PC - 2

CC - (gain), 70


So I want to start with a lower gain setting on the amp with Snapshot 1, which loads with the preset, to 70, and another Snapshot sets it to 127. Any idea why the CC isn't sending along with the PC on preset change? It does send when I click to change the snapshot within the preset. Hope this makes sense. 

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If you attach a sample preset, I can test it on my Helix Floor, and see if you've got it set up right.


I don't have the BIAS Head, so I just tested this with BIAS FX, which seems to be the only version that responds to MIDI.

I set IC1 to a PC# assigned to a BIAS preset, and IC2 to a CC# assigned to GAIN for that amp model, and set different gain levels in SS1,SS2 and SS3.

Everything worked as expected, other than the GAIN values displayed didn't match the MIDI values sent except relatively - 70=6.x;90=8.x;110=9.x

I have to use X.x because you can't see the knob values without dragging, which instantly changes the values.

I Own BIAS AMP, BIAS AMP2 Lite and BIAS FX. I hadn't used any of them in ages. Using them again reminded me of WHY. I hate EVERYTHING about Positive Grid!


Anyhow, it all seems to work on the Helix end. Attach your preset and I'll test it.



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