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2.53 Helix backup & update.


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Hi there.


2 questions really.


1. How do I back up Helix 2.53? I have no file>create backup or whatever it is I've seen mentioned. Are these bundle things backups of all set lists or something? Or is just export setlist and it will import right back in if there is a problem? Nothing in the manual for mine.


2. If I update the Helix rack and the Helix 2.21 software that I have to the most modern, will it still be compatible with OS 10.8.3 on the Mac?



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In HX Edit, open the File menu and select Create Backup. I don't know if this works with firmware 2.21/2.53 (I think the feature has been added in 2.3). Otherwise you have to export your setlist/bundle(=all setlists) and IRs in HX Edit. ...For the backup, HX Edit version and firmware version should be identical.

...2.82 is currently the most modern



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