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How to connect multiple L3S and L3T's WITHOUT using L6

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I always use l6link, but if you wanted to run your FOH via the analogue inputs, just connect them the same way you would any other brand of speakers: Main out to Sub, sub to top. Set the xover frequency on the back of the L3S.


BUT you can also mix l6link with analogue...

Run analogue to the sub, then l6link from sub to top


There's an elaborate sequence of setup examples in the pilots guide



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Thanks for the reply. I understand how to set up a single sub per side with a single top box per side but the connections on the subs don't seem to allow for grouping a pair of subs each side to a pair of top boxes each side unless you use the L6 digital method.

The manual has a way of setting all manner of configurations for every possible amount of speakers but once you use more than one sub each side it only shows how to group together using the L6 digital cable method.

Just wondering if anyone has double subs and double top boxes per side and wires them without using the L6 cable method.


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Simply chain them sub > sub > top > top without engaging the xover on the first sub


Main out to sub (xover switched OFF)

sub out to sub (xover set to your preferred)

sub out to top

top out to top


In reality though you are *best* to run analog to the first sub and then use l6link between the four speakers in the stack.

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