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Thinking Of Selling My Jtv-89 Or Maybe Just The Guts

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At times I love this guitar and others I hate it, the modeling that is. The guitar itself plays like a freaking dream.


So my question is do I sell it as is or keep the guitar and part out the guts.


If parting out what's a reasonable asking price for the electronics?

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Do the electronics eat you out of house and home, or otherwise cost you in any way just sitting there in the guitar?

My advice would be to leave it alone man, and enjoy it when the mood suits you.

Alternatively, sell the guitar part and parcel and get another shredder. There are lots of great axes out there if the modeling drives you that crazy. You might even end up with a better player and a few extra dollars!

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You will just make the value of your guitar zero if you remove the electronics.  Don't do it.


Actually I agree. If you take out the guts, no one will really care about your guitar besides yourself because if they wanted your guitar, they'd just get one WITH the guts.


Sorry to hear it's not working out for you.

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SPECIAL BONUS FOR LINE6 FORUM USERS, I will accept a best offer of $750 automatically. This gives you a heads up and an extra $50 off.. 



$750 for a brand new unregistered, mint condition variax am I crazy? or are you for not buying it. :)

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