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HX FX on saxophone. It works great!


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Hi, I am Fabrizio D'Alisera a saxophone player from Italy, maybe it sounds weird in a guitar forum, but I'm a user of the Line 6 HX FX.

I am running a mic through a small preamp and then to the hx fx.

I have always been a bebop oriented player, but lately I am experimenting nu things.

I will get an expression pedal to use the unit to its full potential.

What do you think?

I have used a delay in the first part and a bitcrusher and a pitch shifter in the second one.

Here's the link 


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Most of the videos I might have are with me using a TC Helicon Voicelive actually, as I haven't actually incorporated the Helix into any groups that have gotten far enough along for recording. I have some recordings where I was using an M13, so a lot of the same effects. Look up "Art for Hunting" on youtube or here: http://www.artforhunting.com/videos.html

(old website)

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Nice bassoon! Reminds me of Soft Machine concert stuff....I love that.


Having used both a Voicelive and Helix for sax processing, I find the Voicelive  to be vastly superior when it comes to "smart" harmonies and octaves. Helix has better modulations, delays and reverbs, however.


Here's a video example of TC Helicon's Harmony-M (just the harmony engine from Voicelive) on looped alto sax. Video is near bottom of page, sax starts at about 2:45. FYI, the guitar is an old Variax Acoustic 700!

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