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Drivers wont install??


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I am trying to get my line 6 monkey to install the driver updates, but they aren't working. they download but the launch window for installing them always fails to pop up and then it sends me to their website for a launcher, but I cant find it. (sorry if this makes little sense, im not used to this kind of stuff for my gear) what can I do to get my drivers up to date for my gear??

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Same here and I tried calling their phone number which does nothing but loop telling you that they are available 8am to 12pm Monday through Friday. Well its 7 central time on a Thursday and all it does is loop then hang up. You do as they say and text and that is not available either. Then they say there is an online chat function under contact us. Yeah, it doesn't exist. What kind of support is that? Loop you with endless falsities until you give up?

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