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19 hours ago, cameronroot said:

My Helix is allowing a signal through my tuner all of the sudden where it wasn't before hand. Nothing was changes settings wise. I tried restarting the unit and the problem persists. Any thoughts on what is happening here?


First, you need to post this in the Helix forum... it'll rot in here forever and nobody will see it.


Second, you'll have to provide more details...what exactly is happening? Are you saying the tuner is randomly engaging by itself?

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Yeah I meant to, on my phone I didn’t find the Helix forum it only gave me 3 choices of which to post in. I’ll get a post in there ASAP. 

the problem is when I click the tuner, the signal is supposed to cut and allow me to tune silently. There is a low signal coming through the amp in tuning mode.

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