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Effects return levels for 4 cable method new Lt owner!


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Hi everyone!
Finally got an Lt this week and to say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement!


Its the first effects board I've owned since the Boss Me30 about 18 years ago!


I have  Mesa Boogie Lonestart so have it connencted using the 4 cable method so I can use preamps from Helix and my amp.


Theres so many volumes to sort out, have the master volume dial  on the helix, the ouput  of loop level on front of amp and send level on back of amp.


Any recommendations for best setup for the amp? Consensus seems to be 12/2 o clock for dial on helix.


Finding the difference in all the default amp volumes mad aswell, is there a best way to have them on some sort of level pegging?


Please respond to me in as dumb language as possible and thanks so much for the help!


Have attached photos of me amp also.


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Hello!  I am in the same exact situation.   Let me know how things turn out for you, and I will do the same.


One thing that I did get from Mesa/Boogie related to this:  be sure to get your volumes set, and all equal, with the Loop Engaged vs. Bypassed (using the mini toggle).   Simple way to do this, is to connect a small patch cable in the send and return jacks.  Set the Loop Level to Normal.   With the loop hard bypassed, set the channel master to your desired level (with the Loop Bypassed, the front panel Output and Solo are not in use).   Now engage the loop, and set the Front Output knob to match the volume of the amp with the loop bypassed.    This way you know that the level of the amp is the same with the loop engaged vs. bypassed; one less variable to consider before moving onto the FX Unit.    

Good luck!


PS - What are your Channel 2 settings?  I have not been able to really dial in that channel for a usable tone. 

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