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Dual Marshall Tone Creator


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Hi Guys:


You need to download this tone for helix holy moly - its amazing


Says to leave comments but do not see where you can - tone made by waynehendren - called Dual Marshall - WOW


Make more Sir well done


Heres link:




Wayne you see this post chime in like to get a hold of you :)

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I'm glad you like this tone, sorry about the confusion, forgot that Helix custom tone doesn't allow comments. It's the first tone I was happy enough with to upload and share. I use it as a goto tone and adjust from there, I just bring up the tone and swap amps out until I get the right sound I'm looking for to fit in the mix. But i mostly stay with the Revv amp. I was mostly looking for a dual amp patch to round out the sound to give a little more spread and saturation.

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Unfortunately Line 6 does not allow for comments on the Customtone Page. All we have to go on are the star ratings, which are not very helpful. I have D/L several 5star rated tones with Lots of downloads, and they were not good, and I have downloaded some with no stars and few downloads and got some good tones. Linking comments and reviews would be very helpful. The Helix is capable of some of the best tones available yet finding them is like pulling teeth, and most (not all) require use of 3rd party IR's. It would be nice to be able to find good tones easily with the addition of outside 3rd party IR's or plugins. Just to be accurate the Dual Marshall tone is best used on a Humbucking Bridge pickup. It might sound good on single coil or neck pickups, but I wouldn't know. I use an EVH Wolfgang Standard and a 2019 Charvel San Dimas. I only use the Neck pickup as a pinch harmonic locator, lol. I have added a couple of Presets that I have found to sound very good. They have not been tinkered with and are As-is from the customtone page.


Petrucci Mark IV.hlx Van Halen One.hlx

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Unfortunately I wiped out yesterday working on a boat trailer and fell really hard on my out stretched left arm so out of commission for a bit - never felt pain like that before - it was smash my face or hammer my arm  - face was not an option :) thanks for sharing Guys

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