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Cannot Assign Toe Switch Pedal To Control Wah/pitch Shift


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Hi folks,


I followed all the instructions (both video and manual) from Line6 and yt and I'm nowhere near to be able to control pitch shift (like Whammy) or Wah pedal in my chain of effects.


What I do:


1. Put Wah pedal in chain of my preset, enter the switch assignment options and choose toe pedal to control wah effect

2. Result: effect is always on, and moving the expression pedal doesn't change anything


In pre-made presets however I do can control volume level of some presets, and I also can control VOL level in my own made preset.


I did calibrated pedal before using the POD HD500X


What Am I possibly doing wrong?



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The same issue is the question, I cannot figure out any way of using the pitch shift with the foot control. Have tried every combination placement and don't understand the only way to control the pitch shift would require three arms and hands, it only responds to the on screen dials. Otherwise the best it did was just slam the note to uber high. EXP 1 and EXP 2 no matter can you actually explain how this works? Or needs to be arranged, PS we need to know a step by step to achieve it because for all it;s worth,  a $200 Digitech Whammy pedal isn't worth the 30 sec. you would be using this effect. Which is most people's advice and they say it is slow to respond like latency. If you can help it would be likened to raising the dead. Thanks

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Make sure you using the right expression pedal EXP 1 or EXP 2 to control the Wah. Which one to use depends on which position the expression pedal switch is in when you configure the Wah. Look on the HD500 to see which light is on, when the toe switch is pressed it will go to the other EXP controller. That's the one you want configured to control the Wah

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