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Wheeled bag for Helix Floor unit


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I have gotten the Helix floor unit and love it. It has replaced a lot of analog and heavy gear. I got the official backpack and it is great quality.
My problem is that it is a bit heavy and gives me back pain. I want to find a luggage/baggage with wheels so I can roll it around. Not looking for a hard case with wheels, but like a bag you take when going on vacation in a plane. Not sure if I got the name of it right. Something like this type:
Image result for samsonite

Has anyone found one that would fit the Helix unit?
I was looking online and there is no easy way to find one that has the right measures. Was also considering if it should be slightly larger inside than the helix, so I could add some padding.

I am thinking something lightweight with wheels that is slightly larger than the helix where I can add some padding.

Anyone tried something like this?

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Here are a few ideas that have worked for me.


Last Spring and the year before, Costco sold a a High Sierra brand 30" flat drop bottom wheeled duffel with extendable handle for about $40. Similar bags are sold by Amazon, ebags, Home Depot (see and a host of other vendors at varying prices. The ones I got from Costco work great! I have used them for point to point transport, and for storage of my Helix in the Backpack as well as my Yamaha DXR10 FRFR PA speakers. It perfectly accommodate the Helix Backpack and plenty more gear. For the Yamaha DXR10 FRFR PA Speakers, I use several sections cut from a roll of anti-fatigue floor mat foam cushioning to sufficiently nestle the Speaker on all sides or a packing blanket. See: Those large interlocking floor cushion foam sections also work well. Either are available from Harbor Freight, Home Depot, etc. for a few dollars.


Here's one I just found on ebags and they have a 20% Off "SPRING" discount code offer as well: 

36" Drop Btm Wheeled Duffle


Hope this gives you some ideas. 

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Thank you.
Very useful info. It sounds like there should be options available. I am located in EU.
I think I will go shopping with my helix one saturday and go to different shops to find the best fit. I had also considered if I should have one custom made, but will try the first option first, because it is probably cheaper.

I'll let you guys know what I find.

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