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how to switch amps with helix

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just got the dt working with helix , i really like the dt 25 amps and want to use them  but can not find how to switch amps on dt 25 with helix? 

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...this was part of the 2.80 update:



DT50/DT25 Remote

Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, HX Edit

Helix can now remotely adjust the real tube topology settings and other parameters in one or two L6 LINK-connected DT25 or DT50 amplifiers. When one DT25 or DT50 is connected via L6 LINK (110-ohm AES/EBU cable), it receives a mono signal from Helix; when two DT250 or DT50 amplifiers are daisy-chained via L6 LINK, the first cab in the chain receives the left signal and the second cab receives the right signal.

TIP: Just like with any amp, cab, or effect parameter, DT parameters can be quickly assigned to footswitches or Snapshots.

  1. From the Output > Multi or Output > Digital block, press PAGE > three times.
  2. Turn Knob 1 (DT 25/50 Remote) to select “Per Preset” or “Global.” If you don’t plan on changing DT topology settings along with Helix presets, choose “Global.”
  3. Turn Knob 2 (DT Select) to specify which DT amp you want to controlDT 1, DT 2, or both DT amps

simultaneously (“1+2 Link”). Normally, you should leave this set to “1+2 Link,” which edits both DT amps simultaneously, to maintain phase coherence.

DT Channel

When set to Channel A, the DT switches to Channel A and its preamp is bypassed for when using a preamp model in Helix. When set to Channel B, the DT switches to Channel B and its preamp is activated

TIP: Assign a stomp footswitch (or snapshots) to simultaneously bypass a Helix preamp block AND switch a connected DT amp to Channel B. This gives you a wider variety of tones in the same preset, without the DSP overhead required to run two simultaneous Preamp blocks.

DT Topology

Changes the DT amp’s negative feedback loop topology. Choose “I (Tight)” for behavior reminiscent of the great American Blackface amps of the 60s, choose “II (Loose)” for dialing in echoes of classic British amps, choose “III (ZNF)” for a very open or dynamic feeling amp, or choose “IV (Resonant)” to add low frequency resonance that pairs well with high gain tones.

DT Power Amp

Sets the DT amp’s operating class, wattage, and bias type. Choose “Class A” for more dynamics with greater touch sensitivity; choose “Class AB” for greater headroom and power

DT Tube Config

Changes the configuration of the DT’s power tubes. Chose “Pentode” for clear and commanding tone; choose “Triode” for quieter and rounder sounds with a more vintage feel.

DT Reverb

Turns the DT amp’s built-in spring reverb on and off

DT Rev Mix

Determines the amount of built-in spring reverb

DT 12AX7 Boost (DT50 only)

When Low Volume Mode is off, applies a volume boost DT

Feedback Cap (DT50 only)

Sets the DT amp’s feedback capacitor type

DT B+ Voltage (DT50 only)

Sets the DT amp’s phase inverter B+ voltage


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