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how to prevent Variax volume know sending CC7 (volume)?


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I have a Fishman Tripleplay attached to my Variax. When I turn down the volume of the Variax guitar with the volume knob of the guitar, the MIDI output of the tripleplay is turned down, too, because MIDI CC 7 (= Volume) is sent. How can I prevent this?

When I look in HX Edit command center, there is no midi CC mapped to the volume knob of the Variax! "Command" is set to "none".


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16 hours ago, p8guitar said:

How do you know such things? I never saw it mentioned in the Helix or Variax manual. But maybe I didn't read carefully enough.


IMO.... Rule #1 with MIDI is to turn off OMNI and set each device to a discrete midi channel. That gives you control of what you want, when you want, without any surprises. 

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