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Boot failure-

whammy gets stuck- pedal won’t work until I turn unit off and on-

amp switching stops working-


i have to actually load up a setting w amp switching and switch it once before it will even work otherwise my amp is stuck on channel B so now it’s part of my boot up process.



I use snapshots intricately in my band.

a bank for every song-

4 snapshots per song usually sometimes only 3.


with these glitches I’m terrified of it happening on stage!

its a song stopper for sure!


Ive changed firmware, still the same.


i get a boot failure 1/10 times if not more turning it on.


LINE 6 !!! I want it to work right before I give a crap about additional features!


who else has these issues?

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The following is in response to your two most recent problem posts. Please take them in the spirit in which they're offered, that is, a desire to help.


First, I have to ask - are you looking for help, or taking a poll?

If you're looking for help, have you reached out to L6 support? Be aware that L6 personnel do not monitor this forum looking for people with problems OR complaints.

If you'd like help from other users you need to provide details about your system - FW and HX Edit versions, computer system HW and OS version - and amp make/model.

It also helps to post a sample of a typical malfunctioning preset or two.


OTOH - if you're looking to take a poll, again, this is not the place, try TGP. Most people here don't have the kind of major problems that you're reporting, and those who do can't help, they're in the same boat you are.


I understand the frustrations of trying to work with complex systems in live performance. There are many people here who will be willing to try to help, but we need specifics to do so.


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If you're taking a poll, count me as one who has not had these issues. I also use snapshots "intricately" on my HX Effects.


But to be clear — I'm not sure what "Boot failure-whammy gets stuck" means. What seems to be the event that causes the problem?

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