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Lock down Helix settings for live performance


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Saturday morning at the beginning of the Matinee performance of the Oxford Gang show, I hit the first chord of what should have been the (British) national anthem and I was greeted - it turned out - by the Cartographer model at full tilt rather than the expected Essex 30 set for a ringing clean.  There's not much room in the orchestra loft for this gig so one of the woodwind players must have knocked a dial as they passed.


Is it possible to lock down your Helix so it becomes a preset machine without the pressing of some unlikely-to-be-pressed-randomly combination of buttons?


(We all had a bit of a laugh about it afterwards.  Most of the band thought I was about to do a Brian May ...)

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Well you will definitely check your preset before you start your next show!

It's not an easy accident to have.

If you are using a batch of presets and say snapshots, generally the worst that happens is you've accidentally tapped one of the up/down switches and the presets will be flashing.

You need to make 2 stumbles to actually select the wrong preset - and it's clearly labeled when you do.

I'm always checking.

Not an answer unfortunately, but if you had pedals it would tell you less.

A simple reselect of the preset is all you need to make a habit of. Don't assume anything!

I suspect you will be doing that anyhow now!

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4 hours ago, DunedinDragon said:

Technically speaking your presets are always locked down unless someone presses the 'Save' button.  All you have to do is select a different preset, then select your original preset and you're back to way that preset was when saved.


reload your preset before playing. 

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