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Logic Pro and HX Stomp audio interface issue

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Scenario: I have my Focusrite audio interface setup as my In/Out device  Audio settings. 
I have my HX Stomp connected to the Mac via USB. I do not want to use the Stomp as an audio interface. 
So, I turn on the Focusrite, launch Logic, all is good. The Focusrite shows up under Audio device as my in/out. 
However, when I turn on the Stomp, Logic “grabs” it and makes it my Audio device. 
I can’t find a way to stop logic from recognizing the Stomp as the Audio device. 
I would like to use HX Edit with the Stomp, but not have it be my audio device. 
Current work around is to unplug the USB

cable and only plug it in when I need it. But it just seems that there must be a way to stop Logic from using it as an Audio device but still allow HX Edit to be usable with the Stomp. 
many help would be greatly appreciated. 
Mac using Catalina and current Logic Pro. 
Stomp is current firmware. 

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Well, I found the answer. 
In Logic Pro, go to


Preferences - General - Notifications


You can modify  your “Triggered Button”
here. That should do it 



Click “Reset All Warnings”. 
After your reset is done, shut down everything and go through your normal start up sequence. 
When the Dialogs come up for your Audio Interface and HX Stomp be sure to check the “Don’t ask me again” box after denying the Stomp.

Note: this solution is only for people that don’t want to use the Stomp as their audio interface.  






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This solution worked one time only.  Once I started a new Logic project the HX bricked again.  Even when it was working the echo wasn't synching to the midi clock as it sort of dd in Ableton.  Super frustrating that I have to go to Ableton to use HX Stomp.   Logic is on of the top DAWs there is, this has to be a high priority bug to Line6 dev team.   FYI, HX seems to work on StuidoOne but midi delay synch hasn't worked yet, though still tinkering.  Ableton MIDI delay synch only seems to work when recording.

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