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Suggestion For Pod Farm

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This may have been mentioned before if so, apologies.....(And before you mention iLok, nothing I have uses iLok, and I won't go there)


I recently moved my DAW (Sonar X3d) to Laptop. I am pretty portable now, but I do not drag my Pod XT around with me so when I am in another part of the house or out of the house my Podfarm FX stop working.  As result,  more and I more do not use Pod Farm.


Is there a way you could put a timer on Pod Farm such that if is has not connected to the Dongle in 12 or 24 hours it stops working ?


Therefore I could keep using it and once it is back in the studio I can tag up.



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No, but if you buy a pod farm 2 license it will work hardware independent.

I think you would also need to buy the power pack to have the standard XT models.

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+1 to Zap.


Also, if per chance it is a PODxt Live, you also may need the FX Junkie add-on.


Typically a PF license plug-in license gives you all the standard models plus the add-on you purchased, not hardware enabled ones, which the Power Pack technically is for the xt series (as is FX Junkie for xt Live).


FWIW, way back when,  I purchased all the add-ons except the Power Pack (because it came with a firmware update for the xt.

Then when I purchased the Gearbox plug-in (now POD Farm), I had access to the Power Pack without the xt connect, not sure how that all pans out now.

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