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How to get a clean boost without an expression pedal - M13


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I've been using my M13 for a couple months now and generally love it. But I cannot figure out how to get a volume boost for a solo without using an overdrive or distortion effect. Often I want to do a clean solo, perhaps with just some delay or phaser. But those types of effects don't have a gain or output level parameter that I can adjust to boost my signal loud enough for a solo.


Am I missing something? Is there some type of "transparent" effect that has an output level parameter I can use for a "clean boost"? Is there some overall setting/preference I should be tweaking?


I don't have a volume pedal and I don't want to be dependent on an expression pedal for this. I want to be able to hit one foot switch and not have to do the pedal dance.


I run a mono set up, simple input/output with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV.


Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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I suggest trying the Tube Compressor . It is excellent for single coil pickups also. Just don't overly "squash" your signal. 


Or you could use an EQ. Just set it louder and flat.


If you use a Distortion or Overdrive, Set the Pre - Low and set the Post - High. It may still be a little dirty.


There's also the Volume model, but I haven't tried using it without an Expression pedal and I am not sure if you can set it louder for a boost.

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I use the Tube Compressor patch for that.  Sounds excellent on clean channels.


There's also a Boost Comp patch in the M13 which models the MXR Micro Amp, which a lot of people used to use as boost pedals back in the day.

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