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Driver installation


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Recently had to move to win10 and trying to get the drivers installed.

Monkey will reports the drivers are not installed, tell it to run the install, it goes through, runs the driver install, when it says to plug in the device the next step where you should get a popup asking if you want it to install fails to happens and winows says the drivers are installed.


but when you check device manager, it says no drivers are installed, and monkey then again says no drivers are installed. rinse repeat.


the device is being detected when it gets plugged in so at the hardware level everything is good. its the actual drivers/installer that just WILL NOT install here.

im at a loss as to where go to next with this one


i had zero issues with this under win7

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Close the monkey and any Line 6 stuff....Plug in the HD USB while the HD is booted up...Open Device Manager and look for the HD. Uninstall the Device in the Device Manager. Unplug the HD USB from the computer. Go to add remove programs and uninstall the driver. reboot the PC. Instead of running the monkey, download the current version of HD Edit and run that installer. Do not plug in the HD until it gets to the driver install and prompts you. Years ago when I was testing HD I had a similar driver issue. I had run the driver install with the HD plugged in by accident. That is what I did and I have not had that issue since and have been on Windows 10 for years now.

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