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Early Evh Tone... Your Opinion Please


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Hi Line6 friends,


I created this EVH tone and would like your opinion and/or advice.

The Phase and Flanger are NOT provided by the HD500. I used the MXR EVH Phase 90 and flanger just after the guitar. It was not possible to use the Phase and Flanger of the HD500 because the DSP limit.


I used 2 amps (Mesa Boogie and Soldano Crunch), reverb, delay, EQ and Noise gate.


I don't know if it deserves to be posted on the customtone.


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 Early evh, the most difficult tone to chase IMHO.




No doubt...and it's probably because that Frankenstein gutiar of his had one of the pickups wired out of phase with the other(s) for years, and he didn't realize it...just liked the way it sounded. I remember reading it in an interview in some guitar rag years ago. So if you wanna even get close, you'll have to f*** up one of your axes

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Did you uploaded the patch in custom tone to try?


Not yet because it doesn't have the phase and flanger in it and because I think it works pretty fine for the EVH humbucker, really not sure with other kind of humbucker... The EVH stripped is really good to find the EVH tone.

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