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Pod XT connecting to EDIT issue

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Hello there!


I was doing my tones with the Line 6 EDIT and usually I pres "SYNC" button and never got a problem before. Last time I did it, I received the following message:


"Your PodxT Live has stopped responding. Please try resetting the power and click 'Refresh' in the tone locker"


However the problems are now two.


1. I cannot connect to my Line 6 EDIT

2. My Pod XT screen seems to be broken. It looks very pale and I can't see nothing on the little screen, since that happened.


Do someone know, if this is fixable and how can I do it?


Thank you in advance!



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So just a quick update.


I have managed to fix the screen by reflashing, but unfortunately lost all my presets.


I can connect again back with thee software.

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You should have backed up all your presets. It's very easy using Line6 Monkey or GearBox. 


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