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Connecting HX effects to Eventide H9 Max with MIDI


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HI There, Im having some difficulty.... Im trying to use my HX effects to control the  H9 which is in the FX loop of the HX Effects. I can control which patch is activated but only if Im using the H9 control app oin my PC. Once disconnected I lose the capability and the midi is ignored by the H(.  I want to be able to control the H9 from the HX Effects in a live situation......   HELP!!!!!!!

Thanks Guys

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Have you connected the H9 to the HX using MIDI cables (the FX loop is irrelevant when it comes to actual MIDI control - that's just the audio route.  I have my H9's AFTER the HX to keep their stereo goodness intact). 

Have you set up the H9 to be on a specific channel and are you sending on the correct channel from the HX to the H9?  


How have you set up the PC/CC messages you want to send in the HX preset?  


It's very do-able - I have two H9's and EVERY patch on my HX selects a different patch on the H9's.


Apologies if any of the above was a bit obvious to you - if we know what you've tried at the moment and how far along the MIDI discovery path you are , we can help you from there.



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