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Favorite Hd Models?


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Park with Black 4x12 default is a very unique rock sound that  I'm unable to find a match for  using other modelers or any speaker simulated cab/IR . A humbucker equipped guitar will drive that amp nicely, but for single coil or for more drive the tube driver  will create a marriage of true minds!

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American cleans - bassman

British cleans - AC30 / Park


American blues - deluxe

British Blues - JTM

"rock" blues - Dr Z


Classic rock - AC30/Marshall DSL


Hard rock - Park / Soldano (crunch)

Rock cleans - Soldano (clean)


Hi gain - Mesa / Soldano (overdrive)

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PHD (for overdrive sounds and some clean sounds when I want a full/rich low end)

AC30 (for shimmery cleans and for some overdrive)

Flip Top (for balanced cleans where I don't want the shimmery harmonics from the AC30, but don't want a bloomy low end either)


I'm also experimenting with DivideBy13 and Bassman and Gibtone

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