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channel not switching to distortion from footswitch


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I have a spider IV 75 using a fbv mkII footswitch. Whenever I change the channel to a distortion channel from clean, the channel switches to the distortion channel but the sound does not. It will still sound clean and not distorted? Does anyone know of an easy fix? I hope my hardware is not broken. I bought it used. 

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9 hours ago, fflbrgst said:

Are you using an FBV Mk11 Express?  The A B C and D switches change the amp to the currently selected bank's patches.  I suspect you don't have the tone patches set up in the banks correctly.


how do I do that? I am very new to this stuff? 

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Check the cable connection in the rear of the FBV II. Mine did the same when it first arrived until I checked. I thought it was all the way in, but It is a very firm solid fit, so needs a good shove, plus the outer plastic sometimes slides back and forth making it seem the the adaptor is further in than it actually is.

Good luck.

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