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My DT journey


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I got a DT25 combo in trade 3 years ago for an Epiphone LP i had bought that i just couldn't bond with.


Being an HD500x user and Variax JTV59 owner i couldnt say no! I fell in love with the combo. My old band that split in 2009 got together for a reunion show or two and i ended up gigging with the DT25 instead of my Carvin V3 head and 4X12 cab. I got compliments both gigs from the sound guys and both almost said the same thing. "I saw you loading in a line 6 and almost died but that thing sounds great!"


I started keeping my eyes peeled on local CL ads for any DTs. I found a DT25 head for $200 locally. I went to dudes house and he led me to his studio. Walls covered in beautiful PRS, LPs and the like. 2 Diezel VH4s in the corner. And he let me try it out. I played it for 5 minutes and passed him 2 bills. 


I've religiously used both amps since i got the head. I'm not in a band and i dont gig now but i jam a lot. 


I always wantes the DT50. Finally found one on GC used for $395. it'll arrive next Tuesday. I'm sellimg the DT25 head to my coworker for $350. I'm excited to rock the DT50!!!


If L6 were to update these and start selling them, i'd probably buy a helix and a couple of their heads too!

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