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Line 6 Link and 4 PowerCabs?


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Just curious what happens with Line 6 Link and 4 PowerCabs?


With 2, it automatically splits the signal into stereo right?

If I added a 3rd, does the third get one side?  Or does it flip to mono on that one?

If added a 4th, does it Go back to stereo?


I’m betting no one has done this, and it’s more of a thought experiment.  Just thought it’d be interesting to know.

I’m trying my bass through my 212 PowerCabs right now, and noticed after my most recent show (using guitar) that I’m getting some rattling in on of the PowerCabs at certain frequencies.  Gonna have to crack it open and tape things down I guess.


So I set up both of my 212 cabs with my bass and the rattle goes away because I’m turning the Helix volume down to compensate for twice the power.


The low end out of two is improved a bit.  And obviously the more speakers and power, the better it would handle even more lows.  So imagine 4?  Have a nice stack of PowerCabs on either side of stage, and maybe 2 more on top for guitar...  #drool



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