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Dilemma power-amp Class D or AB , L6 powercab, Tube amp Fx loop


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Hey Guys, How do you power your Line 6 Helix modeler for Live use with a cabinet ?


What is the best solution you've came across while doing your research ? 


Please share your experience and your perfect setup solution to make the Helix sound has legit as possible. (Amp feel and response, amp in the room feel etc.)


So far I've tried many possibilities  :


- Tube amp Fx loop (power amp in)

- Powered monitor such as EV ELX 112P

- Line 6 Powercab +

- Boss Waza tube expander to power a passive guitar cab with classic celestion speakers.







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If by legit you mean “sounds like I’m playing a regular tube guitar amp”, then going through any powered guitar speaker cabinet with a decent power amp section will do it.    I use the power amp in on my old spider valve 212. Use any amp model (NOT amp+cab) and have at it.


If you use a solid state power amp, then it needs lots of wattage / headroom.  The power amp dynamics will come from the helix amp model, but a quality solid state power amp is needed to accurately reproduce them.  A tube amp works well too, but they can add a lot of color to the sound. 

I use the spider valve because it balances the above nicely.  40 watt tube amp that was designed to be transparent.  Swap the V30 speakers if you want for something else, and go for it.  Instant “valid” tone. 

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