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Why can't we have the ability to browse Custom Tones on Site and Remote?


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Would it be possible to browse custom tones by sorting them by tags, like genre or type, without having to search?  I feel like having to guess key words really limits the ability to share original patches with the Spider V Community.  For instance, I would like to try to find off the wall and weird experimental / ambient like patches.  If i type in ambient, only the people who uploaded their contribution using that tag, would i only then get a match.  If someone chose the word trippy, and I typed in groovy instead, we don't have a match.  I just think the ability to browse the tones vs having to search for them, hoping luck is on your side.  Great amp otherwise, my only gripe is the wireless g10 dongle squealing when it gets plugged into any of my active guitars.  (I read the active setups trick the dongle into thinking it is charging?  Who knows, that is for another thread.)  Thanks in advance!!

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