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Confusion: Import vs. Export


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I'm always trying to remember what direction data is going; is Export from the Helix to the computer? Is Import into the Helix?


A mistake results in over writing a file, or loading a file into the Helix.  If importing or exporting a complete bundle, the result would be a loss of all the changes made to the  Helix, or destroying the previously created bundle file on the computer.


Maybe this sounds silly, but when I see Export on my computer screen, I think "exporting from the computer to the Helix."  When I see Import on my computer screen, I think "Importing to the computer."


Can anyone help my faulty thinking? 


Or maybe change the names from Export to "From Helix" and Import to "To Helix" or something like that.



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Hmm, you bring up an interesting point. I believe "import" vs "export" is always relative to the device (hardware, plug-in, etc) or component in the chain of devices that you are focused on or dealing with. So, if you are looking at Helix Native in a chain of stuff (guitar, interface, computer, DAW, Native, output channel, etc), when you "export," data is being exported from Helix into something else (such as computer storage). When you import you are bringing something (like a preset or an IR) into Helix. Think of two countries, one is exporting soybeans, the other is importing those soybeans. It depends on where you are; if you are in the country sending the beans out, you're exporting.


I still mix up my MIDI ins and MIDI outs! But beans I understand.

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One thing to remember is that HX Edit is better thought of as a remote control rather than a traditional editor program. When you import something into HX Edit, you're really importing it into the Helix. When you export something from HX Edit, you're exporting it from the Helix to the outside world (the outside world being your computer's file system).

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