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Line 6 Toneport UX2 Alternatives?

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I've got a few hundred dollars to buy a new interface. I want something that will work well with an amp emulator program like Pod Farm, Revalver, Guitar Rig, etc, but that I can also power a condenser mic with. I used to use a Lone 6 UX1, but it's died after many years of faithful service.

I feel like I could get a higher quality interface, but I don't know how recording with an emulator program would work. Latency was neveran issue with the Toneport so long as I ran my monitors out of it. But will I get the same results from a different box?

I was considering the Scarlett 2i2 or the Akai EIE Pro, but I'm open to other suggestions, so long as they're in the $200 neighborhood. Thoughts?

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