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Chorus FS on/off


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Please advise


I have been trying all day to get my chorus to stitch  on and off via the switch. Everything else works (distortion, overdrive and delay) it's just the chorus.

its the analogue chorus and its third in the chain after my amp.


Thoughts would be great thanks :)

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 1.08.13 pm.png

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Perhaps the assigned footswitch does not work well or needs to be cleaned internally.. if you have an other footswitch free left (hopefully working) try to assign the chorus instead to it..

Off topic but I can't help noticing the originality of the way you organized the chain of amp and effects, pratically the opposite of what most guitarists would do, but the important thing is to be happy with the results and everything is really possible.


All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips
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