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Where can we submit suggestions for future updates?


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I'd like to submit a suggestion to increase the snapshot count to 6 on the HX Effects. I think it can easily be done and here's how. Yes I know there are 4 pedals assigned to the 4 snapshots with the BANK or PRESET or SNAPSHOT up/down footswitches on the lefthand side. However, I noticed that the TAP/TUNER footswitch does nothing when tapped, only when held (tuner mode). Perhaps it can be programmed to enter 6 snapshot display by tapping the TAP/TUNER footswitch. Then to change banks/presets etc just tap the TAP/TUNER switch again to display it.


4 snapshots is a bit harder to work with as one snapshot I always have assigned as completely clean (no effects), usually for my high gain rhythm parts. Luckily most of my songs I can easily make due as most don't have much effects at all. But those that do often have either different effects or different effects settings on different parts of the song so having two more snapshots would be amazing.




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