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4cm two seperate loops question


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Hi, this could be a very silly question- I use helix with a Mark V and am experimenting with 4CM. 


Im not interested in using the helix preamps. 


I know the established routing for 4cm, but why cant I run two loops, on that runs from guitar to output with wah and comp etc


then run 2a from return 1 to send 1 and put my mods in the connecting it to the fx loop? 


Is there any advantage or disadvantage of doing it this way? 



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8 hours ago, reggiedadog said:

It just seems a bit more logical to me, a bit like running two seperate pedalboards (this is how I would use an fx loop with normal pedals)


It seems to me that the normal 4cm is for those wanting to use the Helix pre amps? 


4cm is for putting effects like overdrive, fuzz etc in front of your amp's preamp, and effects like delay and reverb after. You also have the OPTION of using the Helix preamps.

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