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Full Recording With Helix Rack (Video)


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I've switched from using multiple devices down to a Helix Rack. It gets the job done. The link below is to a video of a song I recorded recently using the Helix Rack to capture guitars, bass, and vocals. I was surprised the Helix Rack mic pre amp was so good with my SM7B. I used the Bandonk for the heavy guitars, The GK for the bass, and the Archetype cleans for the, well, cleans. Overall this is a great device although I wouldn't recommend it for low latency performance which is something I don't rely on anyway as the drivers are sub par when compared to dedicated devices. Also USB isn't great if you used PCIe or Thunderbolt. Would be great to have a Helix with a Thunderbolt out.


Just note I was using a Axe FX III and I am more than happy with the Helix tones. I'm a firm believer that you should be able to get good tones out of whatever you are using as long as you put in the effort.


Music Video On Youtube

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