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HX Stomp FS4 or FS5 for Tap not Tuner


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Yo Y'all

I've been through the manual, the tutorials, spent a lot of time messing with this little powerhouse, and now the I'm at the Community and hoping someone can clear this up for me.

I love my HX Stomp, and I can assign FS4 or FS5 to Tap/Tuner and get the Tuner, but I never seem to be able to get the Tap function going with the remote foot switch.

So, this question is pretty basic, at least so I hope.


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I am using a Pigtronix Infinity Looper Remote (2 momentary switches) on my Stomp, one for Bypass and the other for Tap Tempo. Set to FS 4 and FS 5.

Once I got it set up correctly in the Preferences section I just had to make sure the delay setting on the patch I want Tap Tempo is set correctly (not to milliseconds but to note values).


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 I appreciate your responses.

I'm using a Boss FS-7- a dual foot switch that has both momentary and latching.

I have it set to momentary and the block I want to control the Tap with is set to an 1/8 note.

Still no access to the Tap function.

Any other ideas?

Maybe the problem is the Boss switch?

Can you verify this before I ditch the Boss FS-7 in favor of?

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Nobody seemed to have an answer for me on why this Boss FS-7 foot switch set to momentary- and the time on the block to be controlled set to a note value- would not actuate the Tap Tempo, so I continued to play with this.

What I discovered is that the FS-7 apparently won't activate the Tap Tempo- no matter how much I swear at it!

I also found that when the FS-7 is powered up, to allow the lights it has that indicate which of the 2 switches is on, it wouldn't work at all as desired.

However, when not powered it works just fine for changing the values of the blocks. No lights, but neither do the other remote switches like Robberns Infinity Remote, or the Mission Engineering remote switch, etc.

So, I reassigned switch 3 on the Stomp to Tap/Tuner, and I'm using the FS-7 for controlling the blocks, AND I freed up a port on my Mission Engineering 529i Power Brick/Battery by not having lights on the FS-7.

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