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External Wah Connection, settings, and routing with Helix


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I have a Helix and want to use my Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah Pedal as it, for me, is so very versatile and gives pure wah tone. I have it set up as a line input (was much noisier with instrument input), mono send and return on the effects chain.  I know with a regular amp set up I would connect : guitar > wah > amp input.  However I use the wah with  both a Les Paul and a Variax so I would have use the send and return method. My question is where in the effects chain should I place it?  When I place it first there is a LOT of line noise which I have use a noise suppressor immediately afterwards to tame it.  Even with that the wah still doesn't sound like a real wah even though it clearly is!!


Any and all suggestions to help are welcome.



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The FX loops add noise if placed in front of a dirty amp. It's the Helix, not anything else.  You can put a noise gate right after the FX loop, that worked for me when I put a Drop pedal in a loop.  I prefer to not put anything in an FX loop before the amp.  All my pedals go before the Helix.

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