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G10 base usb connection port is very bad

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Hi there ,

My usb connection port on the base of the G10 is extremely wobbly .

The cable keeps moving so there is no charging .

I tried different cables but the problem is the port connection.

Anyone else have this problem?

Also updating it is not possible because the device does not show up when i try to update.

What can i do?

Can i open up the base myself and replace the connector and if so how do i open it up?

Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks ,




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If you don't mind semi-permanently attaching the cable... this can be done with hot glue.  Hold the cable in place so there's a charge connection, then get all the glue up in there.  Worked for me.  The internet assures me that hot glue is safe for electronic connections.




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Thanks that looks wonderful lol.

Glad to see i am not the only one with issues with that connection it truly sucks getting a cable in that keeps a good connection.

Did you try to open the base? I like to try that first.


Thanks in advance

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I did not try to open the base.  I did also try prying out the two prongs on the male end of the micro usb cable.  That helped a little bit... those two prongs are what maintains the connection, more so than the female side of the connection in the base.  The prongs get worn out over time and need to be bent back out.  You could also try using a brand new USB cable to see if it stays in better.  I bent the prongs out and then inserted the cable and glued it in, no charging issues for me anymore.

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