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Can't find/use a Custom Tone (AMPLIFi 75)


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Hi Folks - I have an AMPLIFi 75 at Flash Version 2.60 (Remote App 2.60.3 build 098). I would like to use this custom tone (Schism by jaysadites).


When I search in the iPad app (under Tones --> Cloud) for "Schism", I can't find this specific tone in the result set.


Since it appears that I can download the tone from the web page link above, is there some way to import into the iPad App and then transfer to the amp? Or is there something about this specific tone that will not run on the AMPLIFi device?


Thanks! -g

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Hi Harrison,


The tone you found online is made for a Helix, not an AMPLIFi. With Helix and POD pedals and racks you can load tones directly from your computer via USB but unfortunately you can't do the same with AMPLIFi. I suggest watching the Performance and Dialing in videos in the comments of the tone you found (https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4677150/) and making your own. You may not be able to make it sound the same but you should be able to get pretty close.


Hopefully this helps!


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