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Are the Amplifi amps really FRFR systems? Something is not right...

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I have just bought an Amplifi 75 (latest firmware) with the intention of replacing my POD X3 and consolidate it with nice features like the Bluetooth streaming. Also looking to use it as an FRFR system for possibly new moddelers (Kemper or Atomic amplifire) when I had the money.

I have dialed in the same patches I had in my X3 into the Amplifi but surprise surprise, they sound totally different even though they are based on the same tech. Interestigly enough, when using Headphones they sound very closed but when using the Speaker, they are totally different (Lack of frequencies).

When I connet the POD via the headphone out into the aux in, the audio gets reproduced by all the speakers (True FR) and sounds like it is supposed. However, when using the guitar Jack on the Amplifi, either by using the newly dialed in patch directly from the guitar or using the POD through its Guitar ouput into a full blank patch; it is clear not all the speakers are being used and a lot of intended frequencies are lost = bad tone.omegle discord xender

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