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All In on Line 6: JTV-69 into Helix into Powercab 112 Plus

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Being a tube amp guy who used few effects I impulsively stepped into this world, ordering a Helix first then, before the Helix even arrived, I went bananas and got a Variax and Powercab Plus as well.  It was at that point I got real nervous about whether I would like the sound at all; would I find it too overwhelming; or just not enjoyable to use.


Well so far it has gone swimmingly.  I have been wading in slowly as to not get lost and frustrated. Updated each device first. Learned some things, like the software will all play better together if I install everything to my C drive, and have just been trying presets with the Powercab in 'Flat' mode.


I am blown away by the quality of the sound and am not left wanting to play my tube amps(Boogie Mark IV, Mark V, Mark 5-25, Marshall DSL 1, Blues Junior) so far.

I've found the Variax is a blast on it's own.  I got it 'scratch and dent' from Sweetwater for $840 with just a barely noticeable cosmetic flaw on the fretboard, and the Power cab 112 Plus used off Guitar Center for $550.


I was really pleased to find the Variax Workshop still worked with the Variax only plugged into the Helix, with the Helix via USB to PC.



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I have the same rig but I got a pair of Powercab plus cabs, dont know if i need 2 but I have them.......The helix is awesome,,,,,, I have not had the variax but a few weeks action was very high

so i sent it to guitar tech for a setup still working on patches for the variax...... Have been giging with the Helix and PC's.... all gigs cancelled now bummer......

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